For the madly in love and the romantics.

for the lovers of light and treasurers of beauty.

this is for you. this is forever.

What do you envision for your special day....

....and what matters most to you?

Is it having things flow perfectly all day long?

Is it having your hair flawless?

Is it getting the most grandiose venue?


Is it getting ready and noticing you little niece staring wonderingly into your face, dreaming of the day she'll grow up to be a princess like YOU?

Is it having the people you cherish by your side on your most beautiful day?

Is it seeing your daddy's eyes well up with tears as he walks you down the aisle?

Is it watching your friends and family celebrating...BECAUSE THEY JUST LOVE YOU SO STINKIN' MUCH?

Well, then we might be a good fit. ;)

It's the people that matter, isn't it?

And the moments that are all memories you'll treasure forever as you look back on your day, snuggled up on the couch with that person you adored enough to marry.

I'm so honored that you would consider letting me capture such a sacred celebration for you! I firmly believe that photos are one of the most important investments you can make into your day. The day can be a whirlwind of beauty, love, and excitement...but as much as you try to soak it all in, sometimes the photos are the clearest memories you have of something that you poured your heart and soul into planning.

I believe that every couple deserves to have quality print products with the images of their joyful celebration in their hands, to treasure and share with future generations. This is why all of my packages now include some form of heirloom quality print products. I felt this inclusion was severely lacking in the wedding photography packages of those around me...and after seeing the frailty of merely having digital files on a hard drive, I firmly believe that print products should be included for EVERY wedding.

You'll never get these moments back. Treasure them fully.

Pricing & Packages


For when you just can't hold in how very in love you are, and you wanna tell the WORLD about it every day, for the rest of forever.



This package is for the madly in love couples who want to snuggle up on the couch together and reminisce about their magical day regularly.


The Firecracker

A modest package with all the essentials, and a bit of flair. This package is for those who just want the basics, but know they need full day coverage, and a whole lotta memories.


The Spark

This package isn't big or bold, but it's still bright like you and your love. For those going small, but still wanting to cherish the memories forever.



Perfect for elopements and micro-weddings, this package includes both a full gallery of digitals, as well as an heirloom quality album to keep those memories secure for generations to come.

This package includes:

-Up to 3 hours of coverage.

-Digital High-Resolution Gallery (100-500 images).

-5x5 Album with 7 spreads.


Perfect for those couples who just want the basics, but value full-day coverage for all the sweet moments from getting ready and onward through the fun of the reception. This package includes an upgraded heirloom album and a large format fine art print that is the perfect size for framing, as well as the full digital gallery of images.

This package includes:

-Up to 7 hours of coverage.

-Digital High-Resolution Gallery (400-1000 images).

-1 Large Format Fine Art Print for Framing.

-8x8 Album with 10 spreads.


Perfect for couples looking to cover their special day from getting ready to goodbye, who know the value of quality print products which will showcase their stunning photos, and capture every detail of their love story and all of the hard work that went into their magnificent day.

This package includes:

-Up to 8 hours of coverage.

-Digital High-Resolution Gallery (500-1000 images).

-20 Fine Art prints in a wooden box.

-1 Large Format Fine Art Print for Framing.

-8x8 Album with 10 spreads.


Perfect for those over-the-top couples, who cherish the value of photography and understand the importance of heirloom quality print products that will preserve their memories for many generations. This package is the best of the best in all the things.

This package includes:

-Up to 10 hours of coverage.

-A Complementary Engagement Session.

-A second shooter, so no detail is missed.

-Digital High-Resolution Gallery (600-1200 images).

-8x8 Album with 10 spreads.

-30 Fine Art Prints

-1 Large Format Fine Art Print for Framing.

-1 Gallery Wrap Canvas w/Floating Frame.