Hello, I am Tai Sophia Petrofsky.

I'm not just a photographer.

I'm married to my best friend, and now also also a mom of two.

I've been where you are...planning a wedding, wanting to capture such a special time in our lives, but not sure exactly what I was doing, or who I could trust to do that for us.

All I knew was that photos were what I would cherish most after it was over.

Simply put — I love capturing sacred moments in time.

Maybe that's where you are right now. I would love to hop on a video chat with you, or meet for coffee if you're in the area. I would love to hear about how you met, what made you fall in love, what you treasure about each other, what your dreams are for your wedding day, and how I can help make it the best day of your lives!

And then perhaps I will share a little about myself. I do photography, not just because it's an art form that I adore...but because today is the day that we can never go back to.......except in our memories.

Photos are like time capsules into the past. They ensure that the precious details are never forgotten.

Crack open that album again, and the memories will all flood back.

And, yes, probably the tears too.

I take my responsibility to make art from your cherished moments as they unfold very seriously. And I just want to help make your day as joyful and peaceful as I can.

When you've walked through the sacred moments of your life, you don't fully realize how precious and fleeting they really are until you're looking back. Soak them in. Don't let them slip away.

Tai Sophia

I grew up not having tons of things, or a fancy house or lots of exotic experiences....but what I DID have was LOVE. I knew my family loved me, and I knew they cared more about making memories in the ordinary moments, than buying more stuff.

Photos were a big part of my growing up. My parents took A TON of them, and we would regularly sit down together and go through the pages and pages and PAGES of photos that hold all our family's most treasured experiences.

I think their prioritizing of our family memories is a huge reason I am where I am today...and why photo albums and prints also mean so much to me. I love the special moments they can create as days gone by are reminisced.

Fast Facts About Me:

Where do I live?

In the beautiful mountains of Northern PA! The cute town of Wellsboro, to be exact. About an hour north of Williamsport.

What's My Favorite Camera?

Oh, gee - that's a trick question. I started with Nikon, moved to Canon, and most recently switched to Fujifilm because of the more film-camera-like aesthetic.

How Long Have I Been taking photos?

I first picked up a film camera at age 14, and started with nature photos. But I finally began offering my services professionally in 2018.

Now, Here are some other things I love...

Cozy blankets and (gasp!) sleeping with my socks on.

For blankets, the fuzzier the better. And chunky knit? Yes please!

Also...I apparently have odd feet, that are always cold. I was once part of a class, and when the "ice-breaker" question of "who wears socks to bed" was posed, I was literally the ONLY one to raise my hand. What can I say? I've always been one to stand out from the crowd.

Watercolor painting and pottery.

I have adored art from the time I was a small child, but it was really only in the past 10 years or so that I've discovered a love for watercolor art - I've even gotten to teach a few classes on it! I also got to take a pottery class in my young 20's, and ADORED it. I made everyone cups that year for Christmas. I even ventured into making a teapot, which, let me tell you, was QUITE the challenge.

Dates with my husband (who also happens to be my BFF).

We've always been pretty low-key with our date nights, and since having kids, we've really learned how to enjoy all the little things. Trip to town together to grab coffee at the local coffee shop? DATE!! Hanging out after the kids go to bed, to play Tiny Epic Galaxies, or another one of our top game choices? DATE!! (We are big game people!)

Meaningful conversation with friends... especially if it includes coffee.

I'm an introvert by nature, and contrary to popular belief, this does NOT mean I don't like hanging out with people! But it DOES mean that I prefer hanging out one-on-one more than group settings. And it also means you aren't getting small-talk from me. I'm pretty much an open book, and I thrive on meaningful connection.

Want to Get to Know Me Better?

I'd love to get to know you better too! Let's schedule a video chat (or, if you're local, we can grab coffee together)! We can talk about your vision for recording your milestones as a couple, or your wedding day dreams. I want to know what makes you unique, and hear about the things you love, so I can more accurately represent YOU through the images I capture for you.

David & Carin // Wellsboro, PA

We had been wanting 30 year anniversary pictures for 3 years and with all the crazy in the world, it just did not happen. Tai knew our desire and made it happen. She found the perfect location, put us at perfect ease and honestly enabled me personally to feel like I wasn’t the ugly person I saw myself as. I was stunned at the images she got back to us. We cherish them and the memory of making them. We had so much fun during our session!

Lucas // Wellsboro, PA

[Tai] was amazing! [I] hired her for fall engagement photos and loved every photo and all her ideas. Would recommend highly.

Ray N // San Francisco, CA

What can I say about Tai that hasn't already been said? She is an exceptionally hard working lady and will go above and beyond the beyond for you. She truly works hard to serve and exceed your expectations, couldn't possibly give her a better recommendation. Her work is creatively shot at great angles, comes well polished and with impeccable resolution, and will definitely be used well in my business.