Are you a photographer who wants to learn and grow your business? I am now offering in-person or Zoom mentorships.

Learn how to be confident in any lighting scenario, learn how to capture more authentic connection, learn how to use Lightroom to better post-process your photos and build your brand. Nothing is off-limits!

Video Chat About Anything

This mentorship opportunity covers up to 1 hour of a video chat, where you can ask me anything about lighting, posing, editing, etc. - and I can even share my screen with you to go over Lightroom editing tips and tricks.

Investment: $160

Learn to Edit Better!

This mentorship opportunity will focus on editing. If you're local, we can get coffee and go over these things, or if you're not, we can do it via video chat. You will send me several of your RAW files before hand, and I may also pull in some of my own, and then I will go through and show you how I would edit them using Adobe Lightroom, and tricks you can use to really make them polished, depending upon your desired style. This will be a 1 hour session, though multiple sessions may be requested.

Investment: $180

In-Person Mentorship

This mentorship opportunity is for those who are local, and who want to take a more hands-on approach. This session covers shadowing me for your choice of a family or couples session, and getting the opportunity to shoot while I shoot. I will explain things to you as we go, and you will have the chance to ask questions during and after the session.

Then we will take your images to Lightroom and edit them together at a coffee shop, or a quiet room here at the camp I serve at, where I can show you all the tricks I use when editing my photos, and you will have the chance to practice yourself while I'm there, and ask questions as you go through the process.

This mentorship opportunity also includes a follow-up video chat, or meeting of 30min, to discuss any further questions, or to go over anything you may have forgotten.

Investment: $480

You will never regret investing in yourself to learn new things and to grow your business!

The best thing you can do for yourself is to be always learning, and always growing. Never be satisfied with where you're at in your craft.